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A combination of technology , extraordinary comfort,
light weight and superior protection

For more than 25 years Rudy Project has been committed to quality, technology and innovations for sports. The Rudy Project helmets offer unsurpassed comfort and performance but are primarily scientifically engineered for protection, with the mission of saving lives. They are developped with experts including aerodynamic specialists, industrial designers, engineers, professional athletes and involving cutting-edge manufacturing to offer the highest degree of performance, ventilation and safety.





Keeping your head cool and dry is essential for maintaining performance at the highest levels. Thanks to the shape and the positioning of the external air openings and the unique air channels inside the cap, our helmets are perfectly ventilated and very comfortable. The air vents have been designed to permit maximum dispersion of heat, ensuring your performance does not drop as a result of the heat, and effective evaporation of sweat.



Falls can prove to be very costly and have permanent consequences. The starting point for the development of Rudy Project’s cycling and mountain bike helmets is the adoption of excellent quality materials which guarantee safety and reliability. This is why Rudy Project undertakes to use only highly-advanced materials which can absorb shocks and dissipate the mechanical energy without it being transferred to the head and body. The structure of our helmets combines expanded polystyrene (EPS), a material which can disperse the force caused by an impact through a plastic deformation and polycarbonate shell for increased durability and protection.


caschi_tecnologiaThe primary objective of Rudy Project is to reduce the consequences of accidents to a minimum. For this reason, the In-Mold technology allows us to cast the external polycarbonate cap directly during the injection stage of the expandable polystyrene (EPS), thereby making it possible to create a much more rigid structure which is knock-resistant and extremely light. The combined action of the EPS structure, the polycarbonate cap and exo-skeleton creates resistance to the mechanical action exercised by an impact and dissipates the energy in order to prevent it from being transferred to the head of the person wearing the helmet.


Schermata 2015-03-13 alle 14.47.38Constant studies with athletes are helping us to seek for perfect comfort. Our leggendary fit is a result of scientific studies on the human head, design innovation, materials advance and manufacturing techniques. Our innovative R.S.R. DISC system is constantly updated and evolved to improve stability and performance. Precise micrometric regulation and height adjustment provide a perfect, personal fit and excellent stability. Easily adjusted even while wearing the helmet.


One of the key quality element of a Rudy Project helmet is its extraordinary comfort. Perfect shaping of the caps, highly-advanced retention systems and internal padding are essential. Most of our helmets are loaded with 2 interchangeable and washable paddings made of a non-allergenic and with a soft fabric that reduce head sweating. Its design and position inside the shell has been scientifically studied to improve fit, ventilation and protection; a specific BugStop net will enhance safety while riding.



The world fastest and most aerodynamic Aero-Tri- Road helmet.

Building on the success of the award-winning Wingspan, 2011 and 2012 #1 worn time-trial helmet at the world most enduring triathlon race in Kona Hawaii, Rudy Project intends to once again revolutionize the industry with a new highly engineered breakthrough : the Wing57. Wind tunnel-tested to be faster than many of the leading helmets in its category, the Wing57 deploys unsurpassed patented features, superior lightweight and protection architecture while boasting beautiful form factor.

Aerodynamically engineered by BY JOHN COBB

Designed with the aide of legendary aerodynamics guru John Cobb, the new Wing57 has undergone extensive wind tunnel testing to become the best TT helmet on the market. Through this testing, Rudy Project and Cobb developed a unique tail geometry that works best for all TT positions and back profiles. Proven to beat out most competing aero helmets in time simulations, the Wing57 will be, without question, the best aero helmet on the market throughout the triathlon and cycling worlds.



The fully integrated and removal shield will ensure maximized protection and enhanced aerodynamics while eliminating annoying glare and eye fatigue. Building on Rudy Project RP-Optics advanced polycarbonate technology, the Wing57 visor combines cutting-edge coatings superior optical protection against harmful UV rays minimizing eye strain.


Schermata 2015-03-13 alle 14.48.53The Wing57 is equipped with an additional and removable magnetic aerodynamic tail that can be added to the Air Director as its extension, improving its performance depending upon rider’s back and shoulders configuration.


01The new shape of this helmet gives all the advantages of a NACA wing shapes (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) but avoiding the natural wind aligning energy cost of that shape itself due to cross winds.


By reducing the length of the tail and by adding material on top (Dorsal Ridge), we have moved the center of pressure of the helmet forward in order to best match with the center of gravity of the user’s head. This for a better weight balance and to avoid forced axis rotation due to cross winds force.


Inspired by sharks, the Wing57 dorsal ridge helps converting sideways force into a forward force, like it was a long tailed helmet. It gives more surface only when it is necessary, as with a cross wind, while it remains small for less frontal area effect.




One of the major breakthroughs results from the scientific combination of the overall helmet design geometry and the two side vents; the purpose is to aid in the straightening of the airflow over the rear of the helmet. To help in managing these Vortex eddy low pressure points, which create drag and instability, air is directed, through a proprietary patented channel system, over the neck and shoulder areas at a different rate or volume than the oncoming free air: we call this invention Vortex Killer or Air Straightener System. This system adds significantly more ventilation inside the helmet: the Air director creates a high/low pressure area, on each side, so that air coming from the right vent goes to the opposite side of the Director and then flows out. And vice versa for the other side. Acceleration of air means more ventilation to help with sweat evaporation (rider cooling).